Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hard Ride: Opal Carew

**ARC Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

SO......Let's have a little chat to start things off. I'd like to entitle it LIFESTYLE CHOICES. Because some of the choices made by Liv were extremely questionable (**spoiler alert** such as what I can only describe as a gang bang with all members of this biker gang who to my knowledge and double checking did not use condoms, not one of them...and after only knowing them for a very short while??!!).

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Ok, done with the rant. Good talk everyone.

Some parts of this book were really hot, some were just kinda....weird. Some parts were sweet and well written...some were not.

I get the whole sharing thing, but again, I really don't remember any of them EVER using condoms and there was quite a bit of sharing going on. This concerns me. But whatever...not my life.

I guess about all I liked about the book was the plot. I liked the whole making-a-deal thing. I liked that Liv really cared for her sister so much that she was willing to do anything to help her, consequences be damned. I liked that Shock was so willing to help an old friend at a moments notice, even though they had been out of contact for a few years. I liked that Shock went slow after finding out what happened to Liv and went at whatever pace she wanted to set.

Shock was an interesting character. I read this as a standalone, and it still made sense. I didn't really get the impression that I was missing key plot points about the gang. He might have had more back story in the previous books, but we only got a glimpse in this one.

I received this book in three parts, which I actually enjoyed, because each of the ending kept me in just enough suspense to keep me going on and read the next book. Overall, I wasn't a huge fan of the book, I feel that if I had received it as one whole book that I would have been bored. Usually I love the smutty, dirty books, but this one was just too over the top for me. Best of luck to the rest of you. 

I only recommend this one to those of you who absolutely love the really smutty books.

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