Thursday, July 30, 2015

Engage: Erica Crouch

**Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

So I have had this book in my to-read section for a couple of months and just recently finished it. And if I'm being honest, I've been putting it off because I just really don't want this series to end; that is how good these books are. I am in love with all of the characters, and their backgrounds, and pretty much everything they do.

In this novella, we get Kala and Ana's backstory. Kala and Ana were introduced during the second book; but now that I know more about them, they are the cutest couple ever. 

No really, they are. The way that they protect each other. Kala quite literally when they are trying to escape heaven. They meet each other every night to talk and kiss and cuddle. I just...

I love them. 

And I know that this was a novella, but it was too short. Everything that happened felt so rushed. Like it happened one day after the other, no getting to know you period at all. I would like to have seen a bit more planning for what Kala and Ana were going to do. I also would like to have seen a bit more on what happened after they fell. The creation of  New Genesis. What the demon that "Mulan" talked to ended up doing.

Overall, it was a well-written and welcome addition to the story. This isn't a necessary read to understand the books, but I recommend it.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Take the Fall: Marquita Valentine

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

As a fan of Abbi Glines, I was excited, because this was supposed to be similar to her writing style...I think I saw it maybe twice but other than that it was kind of a nope for me. Both Seth and Rowan have had time to move on, grow up, and get over everything that happened so long ago. And yet they hardly ever talk about it.

In fact, they don't communicate with each other at all, about anything. Or maybe that was just the way it seems. But if that was their idea of working things out, then someone needs to shout as loud as possible at them

It got me so frustrated that it was hard to read.

But other aspects of the book were great. Seth was a likable character. He was trying to makeup for the time he lost with Rowan and the time he spent being such an ass to her. I liked that he tried, but he kept saying how he wanted to try earlier, but things never worked out with the timing. I call bullshit. He could have written her a freaking letter. Or, oh, I don't know, maybe actually READ ONE OF HER LETTERS!! But he figures his shit out by the end and it works out.

Rowan tried to act maturely, but men suck and made her go all crazy (I think, it was either that or she got fed up with his bullshit). I liked that Rowan finally tried to move on with her life and make a good career and start up her own company to help others. She cracked me up with all the guys in the shop. She ran a pretty strict place, and no one messed with her, because they respected her.

Her role in this book was slightly non-traditional, working on cars and running the shop. But it worked well for her and I enjoyed having a heroine who knew what she wanted.

The writing was pretty well done, but this was just another romance set in a modern world. The characters had lots of great story and depth, but I thought it was telling that I was more interested in two specific side characters more than Seth and Rowan. Great book, perfect for a short beach read or when you have a couple hours to spare and need some chick lit.