Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Beastly: Alex Flinn

Ugh. I had such high hopes for this book. I really did. I've heard so many good things about the book, and have been waiting to read it for quite a while.

But now that I've finished it...I'm just kinda like


I wasted hours on this book! So not cool.

So, I won't spend much time on it. But here were the main issues I had.

The characters were not particularly likable. Kyle was turned into a beast, because he was essentially a terrible person, and he needs to redeem himself with true love. But he never really seemed to redeem himself, he just got slightly less whiny. The whole holding Lindy against her will could have been better done. Lindy seemed just a bit melodramatic to me (but it could have been just my view).

Lindy's dad was a dick, and I'm glad that he went out of the picture. But ugh, I felt like everyone in this book needed to get over themselves. I might read one more book by this author just to see if the books get better, if the author develops the writing style. If not, I'm done with this author.

I think the main problem I had with this book was the "group chat" concept that involved all of the other cursed people. There was a lot of text talk that needed deciphering, and I know they were all teenagers so this goes without saying but they all acted like freaking teenagers! Okay, now that is out of my system, here is what I liked.

I liked the whole remade fairy tale aspect of the story. It was an interesting concept to remake from a modern perspective. Will, the blind teacher was pretty cool, I loved the sarcasm from the guy, and that he just kinda did whatever he wanted (or maybe I just really like Neil Patrick Harris playing the part, and kept imagining him for the part).

I recommend this to people who are just bored and really need something to do. But, trust me, I would read a different book before this one. Use it as an emergency backup book only.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lover Eternal (BDB #2): J. R. Ward

I'm going to have to give this one 4.5 stars. The characters were phenomenal, and the plot thickens! And hey...

 photo tumblr_mlkjdsfUf11s2quxxo1_250_zpsljzwmaay.gif

...so what's not to like?

In the second book of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, we are in the minds of quite a few different people. Our lead characters, Rhage and Mary are perfect for each other. I loved the way that Mary was able to tame (literally) Rhage just by being a strong female. She didn't take any shit, from any of the brothers (I'm lookin at you Zsadist), and relied on no one to take care of her but herself. She didn't need anyone else, but let them help anyway.

Rhage cracks me up. I like the dimensional personality that we get from him. He is strong (of course, this is an alpha-male-love book) but has his weaknesses. He is known in the vampire world for his sexual prowess, and it looks like he lives up to the legend. Mary, I applaud you going multiple, multiple rounds with someone who has an orgasm for what seemed like a full five minutes...

But uh, if you ever get sick of it...you can always send him this way.

Getting to know some other characters was fun too. We got further into the mind of Butch, now living with the vampires, still having the hots for Marissa. We get to meet Bella, Mary's vampire neighbor, who has a thing for Zsadist (...again with these weird ass names! but whatevs, he is my favorite). And of course, we meet John Matthew (yay!). Now, I have read further on than this book, and if you haven't, let me tell you, John Matthew is going places. Hot, sweaty, sexy places with more muscles than girls know what to do with.

One thing I really liked about this book was the traditions of the world that the author has created. She never crosses herself when talking about the language or customs. The rythe was interesting, and I thought it was creative to tie into the story as a bonding experience not only for Mary and Rhage, but getting into the minds of the brothers as well.

The end was alright, I was happy with it, but not too happy. I'm glad the couple ends up together, but I wanted more! Oh well. It is still true love.

Overall, a really enjoyable read, a few minor annoyances, a bit on the long side, but still a book I would recommend to those of you considering it.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dark Lover (BDB #1): J. R. Ward

After seeing this series pop up on my feed what seems to be over a hundred times, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and see what they were all about. So obviously, we've got our classic case of sexy alpha-male vampires. We've also got humans that fall in love with them, humans that turn into vampires, and evil things that the good-at-heart vamps must destroy.

And let me tell you...it was awesome.

fangirling gif photo: Jon Stewart Fangirling fangirling_zpsfb9765f4.gif

Our female lead is Beth, daughter of a vampire, but she doesn't know it. When Wrath (our male lead who owes a friend a favor) shows up all stalker-like one night and scares the shit out of Beth, he decides to take a different approach (that is still pretty stalker-like). He pretty much just does the same thing, but does a special something to relax Beth a bit more. After a while they become a type of friends, and then they were all over each other.

The other members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood didn't seem to accept her for a while (which made me frustrated because Beth is awesome), but eventually came to see that she was a strong vampire and would stand up to Wrath when necessary. And I have to mention the names in this book. Wrath, Zsadist, Vishous, Phury, and others like that...it is weird, it has never stopped being weird, and I feel as though there were better names to select even if they were "vampire warrior names". Sorry, but not completely ok with it.

As everyone can foresee without reading the book, the two fall in love, Beth becomes a vamp, and there is hot, hot sex. Of the I-want-some variety.

But back to the story...so the Black Dagger Brotherhood members protect the entire race of vampires (which, for some unexplained reason...are all in America?). And Wrath is their leader. He is a pretty cool vamp from what I can tell. He had a backstory, had feelings (not that alpha-males ever show them though), and wanted more than just sex. Shocking! I know.

I think this is why I got so into the series, is because there is an actual plotline. It is not just sex all the time, but there is still a lot. The author has created a world riddled with tradition, characters, and a new language that we need to learn. The author never contradicted herself with the traditions, with the language, or with characters' habits. And that made the book jump from great to phenomenal.

There were many characters that were introduced in this first book, which made it a bit confusing, but that happens with any series. I'm not normally a fan of alternating view points, but this author incorporated it seamlessly into the book. The book was fairly long, but I never lost interest, it picked up from the first chapter and kept me hooked the whole time.

If you don't mind the whole super sexed out paranormal romance side of books, then I recommend this one. It was much better than I anticipated, and the ending was perfect. My only complaint is that I didn't start sooner!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Impossible Knife of Memory: Laurie Halse Anderson

This author has done it again! I saw this book pop up at the library I work in, then again on the Goodreads Choice Awards and I couldn't understand why I had not read it. Now I wish I had read it sooner!

Anderson delivers a powerful story, narrated from the perspective of high school senior Hayley Kincain and a few flashbacks from her PTSD and depression ridden father, this book is a masterpiece. I loved the characters (even the ones I hated) and was rooting for Hayley and Finn.

I liked the reality of the situation that Hayley was in. There was no romanticizing the situation, it was tough for everyone involved, and by the end of it you just felt emotionally drained.


But it was so worth it. I loved the emotion that this book evoked. Hayley is such a strong character, taking care of her father, trying to go to school (not really though), and then maintaining a relationship with Finn. Hayley was spunky and sarcastic and I fell in love with her. After everything she has gone through, she tries not to get too down, but it was inevitable.

I liked that the relationship between Finn and Hayley developed rather gradually, they took the time to get to know each other (in their own warped way), and just took it a day at a time. Finn was an interesting character. I loved the random conversation starters he came up with, pretending to be in different crazy roles, CIA agent, astronaut, and both Hayley and Finn just went with it. I liked their "Anti-dates" that Finn put together for Hayley.

Overall, the book was good. I don't want to say that it was a typical book, but if you have read this author before, then  it is the same as all the rest. The matter of this book was pretty heavy, but the author did a good job inserting comedic relief. The ending did leave something to be desired....it was almost too happy for what happened. Everything happened in what seemed like the last two chapters. There was so much build-up for a super-dramatic crying-my-eyes-out drinking-myself-into-oblivion ending. And then....nope. I liked the open possibility of the couple not having a happy ending, but, come on, we all acted like they lived happily ever after.


Friday, December 12, 2014

The Sinister Urge: Frances Newton

**I was contacted by the author and asked to read this book and give an honest review**

DNF at 85%

This book just did not do it for me. I have read one other book about the topic (incest) by Tabitha Suzuma, and unfortunately, it was so well done that I am biased now on other books of the same topic.

That being said, I tip my hat to the author for taking on the subject and successfully writing a book that others have enjoyed. For some reason, I didn't like the way that the flashbacks were written. They jumped around from person to person, so it was confusing to see whose past we were looking at and from what point of view. The book did do this a bit while in the present too. I would be reading along one perspective, then suddenly read from another perspective from someone that hadn't really been properly introduced to the story.

The characters themselves were quite likable, if a bit whiny. I felt bad for the brother in the relationship, he loved his sister, and I get the feeling she didn't truly love him back.

As for the older brother. I am so confused. He acted as though it was both a big deal, not a big deal, and almost as if it was ok that his siblings were having sex! No! No, no no....not ok.


Overall the book could be a bit better written, although I have read worse, this was a good go for a first-time author. I do need to mention the word whilst. That word was used a huge amount in the book, and it didn't help anything. People were always doing things whilst other people were doing other things. It cut up a lot of the flow of the book because of the way it was used.

I gave it two stars in hopes that the ending became better than the rest of the book, but maybe I'll try and finish it at some point. I see there is a sequel coming at some point, so I think I will wait for the preview to come out and see if I will go for it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Distance Between Us: Kasie West

This one has been on my list for a while, and I figured I should start clearing my TBR list off. Seriously, it needs to be dealt with. I have to give this book 3.5 stars. Don't get me wrong, it was a good book, but I had a few problems with it.

The ending. I just stared for a while, thinking something was wrong with my screen, that this wasn't right. But then I realized the truth, and all I could do was shake my head.

just, no gif photo: Ummm No Gif Ummm_No.gif

It was too sudden, left too many loose ends, and all in all, it was messy. I turned the page thinking that there were more words to come out of this book. But fate was cruel.

One other problem I had with it was the lack of background. These two characters come seemingly out of nowhere, along with some side characters. We get some background for our female lead, her dad left, she hates rich people because of it...blah blah blah.

But Xander, our male lead, doesn't give us much. All we know is that he is rich, doesn't want to inherit his father's hotel chain, and doesn't know what else he wants to do. I did enjoy him though, he was sweet, and cared about Caymen.

And the guy who Caymen thinks her mother is dating. Mathew I think? (Obviously not important enough of a character to care about). Who was he, want did he want?

As much as I struggled with some aspects of the female lead, I absolutely loved her sarcasm. Only a few other people in the book truly appreciated it. But man, I learned a lot of stuff from her. Caymen was smart and sharp. She wasn't afraid to get dirty, or to fight back.

I liked the plot line quite a bit. The relationship that Caymen has with her friends was genuine. It felt very realistic, they joked with each other, laughed, were always there for each other, and welcomed in new people with open arms. I'm hoping that the author will take pity on all of us and write a sequel, or just start a series. Yeah that would be great.

Here's to hoping that will happen!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reckless: Priscilla West

**ARC copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

Holy. Shit. 

I recently read Wrecked by Priscilla West, and although it was a good read, it pales in comparison to this one. This book was so many things all in one.

I loved the witty banter, the chemistry, the humor, the romance, all of it. It is hard to give this one any less than five stars, but I just have to give it 4.5 stars. The author has done a fabulous job crafting a book that was both relatable and still a (somewhat) fairy-tale romance. I loved reading and watching the realtionship between Jax and Riley grow and develop, it wasn't an instantaneous thing, it took a while for them to like each other, and to finally act on it, instead of just hopping into bed with each other after one day and then subsequently falling in love. But that ending! How could you leave me hanging like this!?

the office gif photo: The Office 2wdwmxe.gif

I liked that for Riley at least, we got a good background. Her ex is an ass, but I'm glad that she was portrayed as a strong woman, who, even though scarred, is still keeping on. Jax was an ass at times as well, but once we got a glimpse of his background, I'm sure you all felt as I did, and as Riley did, like a class-A bitch.

Jax was such a dimensional character. He had so much going on. He was hot, sexy, smart, and caring, even though he acted like he didn't give a shit. I liked that he was protective of Riley, but realized that she was strong as a person without him. Jax cracked me up with the shit he did to get Riley to try to leave him alone. And no, of course it didn't work. She just fired it right back at him.

The author did a great job at keeping things pretty light, even with some heavy subject matter. This book had me laughing out loud at some of the antics that Jax, Riley, and the band got up to. All in all, a fabulous read, and one I would recommend to romantics out there.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Resist: Lilly Avalon

*ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

The plotline, a gif summary.

newgirl gif photo:  tumblr_lvuwpllRtv1r203gf.gif

newgirl gif photo:  tumblr_lvuwr6hsmA1r203gf.gif

The end.

But really, this novella was great. It was pretty much non-stop sex, but when has that ever been an issue. I loved Allegra and Devlin both. It was interesting to watch them interact. With the way Allegra left things, I feel bad for Devlin, and look forward to the second part of this story.

I really enjoyed reading this one, and it was a really quick read, but still had a plotline. I would like a little more backstory for each of the characters in the next one, I know we got a little in this story from Allegra. But I want to know about Devlin.

I look forward to reading the next one, and other titles from this author. I recommend it to anyone who loves dirty sexy books, and needs to take a break from life for an hour or so.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wrecked: Priscilla West

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

What. Wait...what?

what the hell gif photo: Misha What The Hell tumblr_li1wyskEal1qbpu5t.gif

This book, it started off so good, so good. And then, it just.....lost momentum..

The blurb was pretty straightforward. I really expected this book to be a lot like Beautiful Disaster, and it was, there were quite a few similarities, but this book was much more well written.

Lorrie was a character that I am sure we have all met before, especially in books. She is all alone in life, with only a few family members left that care about her. Her mother was murdered, he father killed himself, and she falls in love with a bad guy.

Hunter is a fighter, illegal of course (would we want it any other way?), and he has issues. I feel as though he should have told Lorrie what was wrong with him from the beginning, but that makes for a very boring plot. Hunter's ex got on my nerves at first, but I ended up liking her a bit by the end.

The sexual tension in this book was too much. Then when they finally did get together, it lasted forever, I mean, really? Space it out a bit, I don't know how that poor girl walked afterward. But oh well.

The main problems I had for this book were that BOTH of the lead characters were weak. I understand that was the point, that they needed each other to make the other stronger. But I didn't view this as a healthy relationship. I loved the kittens. So cute! The author did a good job of putting them into the book, they made me smile when I was ready to give up on this book.

I will probably read the next one, simply because of how the first one ended. I hope Hunter mans up and does something about the situation he got himself into.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Queen of Clubs; Cora: Katie de Long

*ARC copy was provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

I think few words are needed to explain this novella, complete with strippers, lapdances, private rooms, and a hookup, but this sums it up quite nicely.

I usually don't like novellas because they are so short, and I really like a good plot line with twists and turns. But hell, I figured why not. I sure don't regret this one at all. I loved the chemistry between the two characters, and I liked that neither of them were super rich with money to blow, only hooking up because they were bored.

Cora was pretty feisty, but it just added to her charm. She really made me want to set the inner bad girl in me free, and just go a bit crazy. The characters were easy to relate to in this novella; which was nice. Instead of the guy dropping hundreds of dollars on stuff for her, he saved up his money for what he really wanted, and was up front with her about everything. No lies or backstabbing. I really wanted this to be longer, but I guess I can hope for more stories about these character in a follow up at some point.

I recommend this for anyone who has a short plane ride, or just a few hours to kill when taking a break between doing things. Or just wants a really dirty read. Worth the read!

Definitely wanting to read the next installments in this series, can't wait to see more from this author!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Every Ugly Word: Aimee Salter

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book was that powerful. If any of you go and view the books I have read and rated, you will realize how difficult it is to get a full five stars. This book gets six stars. For those of you who have been bullied, the main character is someone you will be able to identify with. For those of you who are introverts or shy or have anxiety, you can identify with this book. Aimee Salter has created a masterpiece that (for me at least) rivals the works of many other novels and authors of the same category.

So the plot line is that 17 y.o. Ashley Watson is a victim of bullying, where everyday is a struggle to keep herself going, to keep the hate away. But she sees in the mirror her 23 y.o. self. Older Ashley tries to help younger Ashley get through each day, so that when she grows up, things will be better. Ashley's best friend, Matt is always there for her, until he isn't. Matt is a loveable character, but I still wanted to strangle him. Matt thinks that things in Ashley's life are better than they actually are, because she can't bear to tell him the truth. When an old flame from Ashley's past comes back into her life, Matt realizes just how much she means to him.

Now let us talk about Dex. He was a total douche, I can't even think about him without wanting to go on a murder spree on his ass. But oh well. I really thought he was going to be something different, and be "the one" for Ashley. But I also don't want to give away too much of what happens, so I'll leave it at this:

Matt and Ashley have a very interesting friendship dynamic. He was not abusive exactly, but he was not a good friend either. He seemed to treat Ashley like a plaything, and took her for granted. The one major problem I had with him was that he never stood up for Ashley. I enjoyed finally watching him mature in the last few chapters, and be there for Ashley, in both scenarios.

This book was an emotional rollercoaster, but was well worth the read. I was left sobbing over my kindle when I finally finished it. I recommend this book for everyone, especially those who are looking for a book they feel they can identify with. If you have never been on the receiving end of bullying, this was a pretty accurate portrayal of what people go through. I was very happy with the ending, and have told everyone about this book, but wow, way to kick my heart in and leave me to pick up the pieces.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tempting Mr. Perfect: Rebecca Rose

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Overall, I felt that while this book was pretty good, it was also pretty predictable. The romance was sweet, the sex was fairly hot, and love conquered all.

I liked Dave, I did, he was never a major dick to Kathy, they had their fights, but they always ended up forgiving each other. Every girl likes a bad boy, and wants to tame one. I'm pretty sure that this was the epitome of Dave and Kathy's relationship. I know that Dave hasn't been a "bad boy" for a while now, but he still had that rough edge around him (he does own a bar after all). I like that he wasn't afraid to fight for Kathy (literally) if someone overstepped their bounds. And she didn't have a problem with it either.

Kathy was a cool character. I liked that she was strong and able, she got herself out of a nasty marriage, and away from her crazy parents. Her ex-husband was a piece of work. I understand that she was glad to be free of him, but I would not have had the restraint she did. I would have called the cops on his ass long ago. She was also a graceful character. She took things in stride and tried her damnedest to keep her chin up, no matter what.

I can't give this book the full amount of stars, simply because this plot line has been read way too many times by me lately, and nothing about it made it stand out from the others. Don't let that stop you from reading it though, it was definitely worth checking out. This is a book I would recommend for those of you on vacation with a few hours to spare between flights, or just lazing away at home with nothing to do. It was a pretty quick read, and well-thought out.

Monday, October 6, 2014

First Annual BDSM Writers Con Anthology: Various

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This is one of the first books that I have read that I would recommend to everyone. Most books have an appeal to a certain type of people, but I think this book is important to read. I enjoyed learning about the various degrees of styles of living within the BDSM lifestyle. 

I think that many people have preconceptions about what it is all about, but this book would open the eyes of those who don't understand or have incorrect assumptions about BDSM. While there were many different arrangements portrayed in the book, I think that there were some left out, but I hope that they will be in the next book? I would read any publication similar to this again.

I understand that people may not agree with the lifestyle, or choices that are made in this book, but the excerpt from the book BSM The Naked Truth in the middle of this anthology should be read by anyone who has heard of BDSM. It not only dissuades any ill-conceived notions, but tells the reader exactly what is going on and what the proper terms are. I really enjoyed reading that part of the book. I will most likely end up reading the entire thing at some point.

Most of the authors in here were good, some could use work, but overall it was a enjoyable read.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Play Date: Kate Donovan

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Dear Sean Decker;

You. Suck.

I mean come on, seriously dude? I really liked this book, and even though Sean was only a side character, he was too wishy-washy and annoying for me.

Overall I really enjoyed the book, but I did have a few problems. The whole triple threat thing was pretty cool, it was neat to see such close friends, but I just got this vibe that we were supposed to love them because the were rich and famous. Now, I didn't realize that this book was part of a series, so I will definitely be going back and reading the others. 

I tip my hat to Rachel, she was able to forgive Sean pretty easily and still be friends with him. I loved her classroom and how much she loved her kids. I also loved Bam, everyone thought he was too brash or too much of a caveman, but he totally had my type of humor. Bam was a delight to read about. I liked how he took care of Rachel and got to know the kids she taught. That interaction made him even yummier.

The romance was pretty typical, boy and girl and friends with benefits "only" but then become boyfriend and girlfriend. Boy makes stupid mistake and girl overreacts to something, then they get together. But I still liked it. I was a cute romance read with Bam being all big and strong.

I'm going to have to read the Spurlings' story, because I wasn't a huge fan of Johnny in this book. He seemed to like power and control a bit too much. I mean, Sean and Bam couldn't say mean things to him, just because of his role? But whatever, I recommend to sports fans who want a bit of action with their romance!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Without You Here: Carter Ashby

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book was an emotional roller coaster...but in a good way. I was shocked, then angry, then sad, and then I just sat there in stunned silence. So basically:

shocked gif photo: boy shocked WTF.gif

Let me start off by saying: HOLY BALLS BATMAN! Talk about the mother of all plot twists. I mean, I saw it coming after a little while, I don't even remember what gave it away. But it made for a great storyline. Shortly after this we get the first bout emotional turbulence. Followed by a bit of romance and heartache, and we have landed.

We are brought in after Ettie has broken up with her on/off boyfriend Blake for the millionth time, but this time, she goes out to drown her self in alcohol. She meets a stunning man (Wyatt) and they take off for a weekend of fun. After that weekend wraps up, they have to face the real world. For Ettie, that means going back to her apartment and dealing with Blake. For Wyatt, that means going back home to his empty house and his wife's grave with a bottle of alcohol. After Ettie and Wyatt realize that they both know Blake in different ways, tension starts and hearts break.

I know the story followed Ettie, but the entire time, I felt like we didn't connect with her on the same level that we did with Wyatt. Wyatt was a phenomenal character, he felt so real, and my heart ached for him. I loved the dynamic between Wyatt and Ettie. She was a spark of hope and happiness that reminded him of what his life used to be. For me, Wyatt was the main character of the story, going through life in pain, trying to find a way out.

Everyone in Wyatt's life cared about him. He had such a loving family, and Ettie tried as hard as she could to let them be. Ettie's mom kept her locked up in the house when she was a kid, so she never saw much of the world or anything in it. I loved her curiosity and awe at everything she encountered. Which brings us to Blake. I didn't like him. He had a certain way of living life, and wanted Ettie to be a type of person she wasn't. The way he dealt with that was pretty uncool. He talked down to her more than once, belittled her, and made fun of her. This done in private would have aggravated me, but he did this in front of his family, and, especially, his father. I kept hoping that his father would slap him, but no. After Ettie admits what happened when she broke up with him then ran off, he get really upset and tries to push her back into a relationship. After telling him 400 times that they are only friends now, he still barely gets the message. Then he goes and kisses her best friend! Ugh.....kids these days.

Again, Wyatt was my favorite character. I liked the journey he went through, I think it was pretty realistic as to what happens when someone you love dies. He was a strong character, who grew stronger by the end of the book. I'm glad everything worked out in the end. I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading more of the author in the future.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tear You Apart: Sarah Cross

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I found this one after pages of searching for something to read. And I had to stop myself from screaming when I saw this one. When I saw that this book was approved and I was able to read it, my jaw dropped, my phone fell, and I shouted to the heavens in joy.

I read the first book in this series (Kill Me Softly) quite a while ago. However, when I saw this one, I was so excited. This book was awesome! I had forgotten a bit of the first one, but Tear You Apart takes place after, and follows different characters. I recommend reading Kill Me Softly first, but it is not absolutely necessary. This tale continues the fated curses of the people of Beau Rivage. Viv is cursed with a snow white curse, and everyone knows about it.

So, Viv goes to the Underworld, where her prince awaits. He is supposed to wait until she falls asleep to kiss and wake her, but he can't help himself. I loved Viv as a character. She was frustrating at times (mainly interacting with Henley) but her curse sucked, and I felt for her. The relationship she had with Henley was kinda like every teenage relationship ever, but with a delicious twist. Viv has been best friends with Henley, and loves him, but he was cursed as her Huntsman. The author did a great job of keeping hidden whether or not Henley would actually kill her...I mean, they love each other, but I thought he was going to do it. Anyways, Viv gets stuck in the Underworld after being almost killed, and things do not go the way she planned. 

I am not a fan of the ridiculous love triangles, but I didn't really feel like Viv was in the middle of one. I mean yeah, she was confused about two boys, but she finally got her head on straight in a reasonable amount of time. Her so-called prince was (without giving anything away) an ass. I felt bad for his sister, but I had no sympathy for him after everything ended.

Henley sounds pretty hot, like a lumberjack but with a heart only for Viv. Viv's stepmother was exceedingly creepy with Henley, but he did the best he could. Henley was a hero in my opinion. All throughout the book. He had a lot of shit to deal with, and there Viv went just messing it all up. I'm just glad that he always kept coming for her. He never gives up, and every time I just went "aawwww" and swooned a bit more. The interactions with Viv's stepmom actually kept me guessing, she was a bitch, and I couldn't stand her, but she just added to the plot line and made you love Viv and Henley as a couple.

I liked the fairy tales that were intertwined in this story. There were some new ones that I hadn't heard of, but they always had that twist that allowed them to deviate slightly from the original, but still be true. This book definitely had some of the gruesomeness that the original fairy tales had, which I thought was refreshing. Even though I got frustrated at times with Viv, she was overall a character that you had to root for. 

I have to add as a side note that I love the covers for these books. They fit well with the romance but show that it is still a bit brutal. I would purchase this book in a heartbeat if I were able. I will be keeping an eye out for the next book....hopefully it will be the beauty and the beast characters!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Outside The Lines: Bella Love

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

While this book was good, it was a bit confusing, and seemed a wee bit boring after a while. I felt as though I was thrown in to the story, and hit the ground running. There was not a whole lot of buildup, it had already started, and I was left to catch up. Juliette Jauntie is a hard-working coffee addict. She seems to never sleep, has no personal life, but is seriously hot for Johnny Danger, her competition. Johnny is an all around sexy guy.

Everyone else seemed to really like this book, but it just didn't do it for me. The sex was pretty hot, the plotline was interesting, and yet, I just didn't like it. The characters' background isn't explained until fairly late in the book, which was frustrating, because I had no idea why they cared so much about the problem they come up against. 

Juliette was kinda funny, I loved the scenes where she tried to go skiing, trying to be brave and adventurous. She was a pretty great character. I liked that she was portrayed as a strong woman, I don't think we see that enough anymore. She wasn't afraid to get down and dirty, and she was willing to put in the hours to be the best at what she does. By the end of the book, this pays off. She is able to get the man but still be independent.

Johnny was just too much of a cliche for me. He was all angst and broody and macho "I am man, you are woman, we will have sexytime" and it was too much for me. But then again, I found out that the thought of being an accountant or lawyer seems incredibly boring, and this book was all about them. For having the last name Danger, I think the most dangerous thing about him was the fact that he could cause spontaneous combustion while being in bed with him (but, wait....when has that ever been a bad thing?).

Overall, the book was decent, I liked the originality of the plotline, can't say I'd ever encountered it before. I also liked Juliette as a character, I recommend this one for those of you who have time so sit down and read an actual intelligent romance book.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Just a Little Crush: Renita Pizzitola

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book was surprisingly good. I'm glad I picked it. I'm always in the mood for a slightly sappy romance, and this was perfect. I liked the happy ending as well (after reading nothing but series books it was nice to read a stand alone with a happy ending). The characters in the book were believable. They were in college, but weren't crazy college kids, nor were they dramatic and over the top. The plot was also easily believable, nothing ridiculous happened (and what did happen could happen anywhere).

I liked Brinley, she was a strong female lead. Independent and intelligent, but still admits when she needs help or needs a friend. I liked her friendship with Mason (maybe we'll get to know him better in a new book?), even if it was completely obvious that he was in love with her. I didn't really like how she was still getting over something that happened in high school, but I can understand it. Having to see Ryder every single day and be reminded of it would suck balls. So, no surprise, when she sees him at a party in college, she freaks the hell out. But, of course, they overcome what happened and start talking to each other. 

So Ryder is this awesome, hot, sexy, tough guy. But what he did overrode that (for me at least). I know that he stopped and didn't continue on with the competition with Brinley, but the fact that he did go on the website and participate...are you KIDDING ME!? No, hell to the no. I like that he turns himself around, and protects Brinley, and the whole scene with her mom made me like him a bit more.

Overall, the book was good. It was predictable, but a nice book to read when cozied up with a cup of tea. The characters had problems with their family (who doesn't) but they don't let it affect them and turn them into horrible people. They grow from it and flourish. Also, I liked that the family drama was not forefront, and it didn't detract from the main story. Nor was it over-the-top stupid drama. It could happen in any family. Definite recommendation for those of you who like happy endings and romance.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tears of Tess: Pepper Winters

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

So, it has taken me a long time to post a review for this book. Normally, I try to incorporate some humor into the reviews, but this one just.....no words. This book isn't humorous, but still great. It isn't the first book I have read that was about sex slaves and the like, but it is by far the best. The one word that comes to mind is phenomenal. This book is not for those of you who want some fluffy romance novel, nor for those who have triggers that you need to avoid. This book was dark, hot, and tough to get through at times, but was completely and totally worth it. I guess you have to read it for yourself to find out. I will try to do this book justice in the review, but I don't know it it will happen.

Tess Snow is our main character, and she is strong. When on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, she is captured by slavers. She is dehumanized, beaten, and goes through many other horrific experiences before she meets her new master. During all of this, she never loses her will to live. After arriving at her new master's house, she lives there for a while before trying to escape, it doesn't work, and bad things happen as a result. Living with Q (her master), she learns more about herself, and begins to fall in love with Q. I think this would be defined as Stockholm Syndrome, but after finishing the book, I do not think I could classify it as such. Q is not an evil person, and does care for Tess, he just has a very interesting way of showing it. I liked that Tess never let her spirit die, she was always willing to fight, even though she knew that she could be punished. I enjoyed being in her mind and feeling her confusion about Q and what he is doing, what he wants from Tess.

Throughout the book, I found myself rooting for the couple (I guess we could call them that?), but then questioning myself as to why in the hell I was rooting for them to get together. This book was dark, and the author did an absolutely fabulous job of crafting this story. The lines were definitely blurred with regards to the sex that Q and Tess had, whether it was consensual, and whether or not this was a case of Stockholm. This book was slightly hard to get through because it was so heavy. I strongly caution those of you who don't like this type thing to begin with STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK. 

Now let us talk about Q. Q is awesome, horrible, hot, and a badass. All rolled into one confusing as hell package. He is good, but has some pretty big demons that he needs to come to terms with. I loved realizing that he wasn't as bad as he seemed, and that everyone in the town knows him. I did feel really bad for him after some of the things that Tess put him through (again, I wondered why the hell I was rooting for him...wasn't he supposed to be bad?). But I still loved him. 

Overall, I give this book all of the stars (yes all of them). The plot was addicting and well written. This book took me on a thrilling journey from beginning to end. With a brilliant set of characters and just enough dark twists and turns to keep me on the edge of my seat, I would happily recommend this to anyone interested!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Carnival: KB Nelson

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

So you know that saying about not judging a book by it's cover? It is true. This book was judged based on the cover. In my defense, the cover is pretty cool with the bit of bokeh effect, and the faded image of the carnival, right? Right? Maybe not. So then I read the description, and it also looked decent. And I decided, why not? And....I shouldn't have done it. The book started off pretty good, meaningless hookup with a hot carnie (this should have been the first warning bell), followed by a night of crazy teenage partying (this should have been the second warning bell, but I did not listen). I guess I do know people who behave like this, but they drive me nuts in real life, so no surprise they drove me nuts in the book. I am NOT a partier like these people, throwing drugs around because I've never done it and don't want my boyfriend to feel he needs to hide it from me (alarm bells are blaring in the background now...but I still do not listen). I guess some people may like this book, but it just wasn't for me.

Between all of the above mentioned situations, and being a rude bitch to her ex, rolling with a drug dealer, staying at home instead of leaving for college, even though she has a very weak reason for doing so, I did not care for Charlie, our female lead character. The further I went into the book, the more ridiculous things she did. After realizing that her best friend had the hots for Charlie's ex and her dad (alarm bells gave up at this point, figuring I was just an idiot) I had a hard time finishing the book.

Charlie falls for Blue (our male lead), who is many things, but I do have to admit he is sweet, not the most upstanding citizen, but he does care for Charlie, and wants her to be happy in life. He even mentions that he would go back and let her be with her ex, if that is what she wants, yet she just didn't seem to care what he did for her. Blue has a few friends from the carnival, but he hates his dad, yet we never really get an explanation as why or how this came about (aside from the fact that his dad had him dealing drugs). Blue has gone and traveled much more than Charlie, who lives in a small town. Now, I was born and raised in a small town, and I know they are boring, but not boring enough to do many of the things done in this book. Blue wants to protect Charlie, and does a pretty decent job. Deep down they do care for each other, it just shows differently.

Overall, this book was ok, and I use that term loosely. The beginning was great, then progressively got worse. Which could be why I do not like it. It is hard to remember the good parts. I really liked Charlie's ex, he was a good guy, and would have taken care of Charlie until they died. I was shocked to see what happened to him by the end of the book (I'm trying not to give anything away here people, but I tip my hat to you if you make it that far). There were some funny parts in the book, but at most it made me giggle in my head, and I really give authors props when they can make me laugh out loud, instead of sitting on the couch with a scowl on my face. I may give this author another chance, the whole falling in love with a carnie and carnival aspect was original, and I liked that, but could have been done a bit better.

The plot had a few holes, and the story skipped around a bit. But, let's be honest here, the depiction of teenagers and college kids in the book was pretty dead on. To me this wasn't funny, it was sad, but true.

Ricochet: Skye Jordan

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

So this book was pretty awesome. I loved it, and had a VERY hard time putting it down. Ryker and Rachel's relationship is sweet...but intense. Ryker definitely had damage, but the way he treats Rachel at different times is deplorable. Yes, he apologizes, but I think I would have at least slapped him at some point before forgiving him. Rachel is strong to do what she does in the book. I love the brotherly relationships she had with the rest of the people she worked with.

Ryker (Nathan) is the type of guy that every girl wants. He is, by definition, swoon worthy. A good guy at heart, with a wild side and a little bit edgy. Not to mention awesome in bed, giver of multiple orgasms, with enough stamina to do marathon sex. He's got scars, sexy tattoos, and of course, muscles. He's a hero, cares about those around him, basically perfect except his PTSD, almost too perfect. We hardly hear anything bad about him, or even anything negative, except a bit when Troy warns Rachel. Other than that, it is just him bashing himself. During the book, he gets flashbacks. Often when he hears explosions (duh) which, predictably, causes some problems. However, I really liked him. I thought he overreacted by cutting Rachel out so brutally, but whatever. 

The only word that I could possibly use to describe Rachel is strong. Rachel is unbelievably strong. Going through everything with her sister, her family, and then going after Nathan. And taking care of Nathan after his flashbacks, encouraging him to get help. Rachel made me laugh during the banter with her coworkers, but I am glad that she finally sticks up for herself, making sure that everyone knows she is qualified to take on the job needed to be done. Normally, I don't like love triangles, but throwing in Marx as another guy who wants Rachel actually worked in this book. I think it really forced Nathan to step up and act on his feelings...even though he was kind of a little bitch about it. Rachel's sister really pissed me off, I just wanted to smack her for what she did, and then expecting Rachel to automatically forgive her and forget about it. I'm just glad we didn't meet Dante up close and personal, I'm sure my phone would have been hurled viciously across the room and into a wall. Which would have been a shame, because I really did like the book.

Overall, the plot was good, enough conflict to keep me interested, but still a nice and sweet (except for the sex, that was ridiculously hot) romance book. Now, about the sex, hot, hot, HOT. It was a little kinky (yay!) but Nathan wasn't an uber dom always ordering Rachel around. I liked that he was kinky though. Also, they weren't always having sex. They each had their own lives, and sure, they may have been a bit distracted by the great sex, but they didn't lay in bed all day, neglecting their friends and the rest of their lives. The book didn't jump around, but still gave enough background as to what happened to Nathan. Rachel's background was a little fuzzier, but easy enough to get the main idea of what happened with her sister until the author does go into detail and explain it. There was no whining about unnecessary shit in the book, which I greatly appreciate.

I have never read this author before, but I will be reading the first two books in the series now. Hopefully they are just as great! 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Doctor Dom Series Sequence One: Tara Crescent

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

If I had to use one word to describe this first installment in the Doctor Dom Series, it would be HOT. These books are unbelievable. Hot, sexy, and intense, all very good adjectives. Not only was there hot sex, it was meaningful, not just a random hookup turned fling. The characters truly care for each other, they just have a different way of showing it from what people deem "normal". I loved that Lisa (AKA Miss Preston) was so in charge and unashamed of her sexuality. Asking to be spanked and tied up by a man she just met...maybe a little on the dangerous side, but she was honest.

Lisa Preston was a character full of life and energy, who wants nothing more than to be tied up in an examination room so that her "doctor" can do with her what he wishes. Her past is something that she regrets (I'm sure we've all had those moments) and her love life has suffered because of it. After years and years of never letting anyone close enough to be considered a boyfriend, much less love anyone, she lets in Patrick. Which, fortunately, turns out to be the right decision. 

Patrick is a doctor (technically a surgeon) who used to have a 24/7 slave....which he did not want. He meets Lisa and falls in love, wanting to fulfill her every fantasy (and he does....oh good god he does). Patrick is a neat character. He also has regrets from his past, but tries not to let them affect his future. Going into the relationship with Lisa, things could have been a little clearer, a little communication never hurt anyone. His ex-wife ends up scaring off Lisa, because she is a bitch, straight up. At least, that is what I made of her. She tries sabotaging Lisa and Patrick's relationship, even though she has other things she could be doing. At least, that is what I made of her.

Overall, the story was intriguing. It stayed on point, did not jump around, and the characters weren't crazy. Everything in the book was safe and consensual. I loved that the book took place from both perspectives. Each of the characters cared for the other, and they weren't afraid to show it. I will probably read this sequence again because I liked it so much.

The sex in here was hot, hot HOT! I loved reading it, the author did a great job making it authentic....and making me want to try it (except the enema bits....those seem unfun). Not all of the sex was medical play, but a majority of it was. I liked reading the scenes, they didn't make me uncomfortable or uneasy about what was going to happen, just excited. 

Can't wait to read more from this author!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How We Deal With Gravity: Ginger Scott

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book was phenomenal. There were cheers and tears, and ultimately lots of feels. I have never read a book that was more inspirational, more hope-filled than this one. This book was under the romance section, but it is so much more than that. Hands down, five out of five stars. I loved reading about the relationship development between Mason and Avery and how they dealt with Max individually.

Avery is a single mom, her husband left her right after they found out their son had autism. Her dad helps her out with raising Max, as does her best friend. Avery is doing the best she can, which I thought was pretty damn good. She balances a job, a kid, and going to college. She was a wonderful character. Avery was not petty, or a helpless person. She was strong, because she had to be, and because she had been hurt in the past. Mainly by Mason.

Mason was a good guy, now, but not in his past. Mason used to be a classic asshat, womanizer, partier, drunk (you get the picture). Some of the things he did or said to Avery were terrible, and I do not know how she forgave him, but, because she is awesome, she did. Mason changed so much throughout the book. He definitely proves himself worthy of Avery and Max. Mason was an enjoyable character, I loved watching him develop and grow. He was a strong character as well, realizing that he can't always live as a child, doing whatever he wants. He wants to be a good person, someone that people will be proud of. And he accomplishes that.

I completely fell in love with Max, I know we don't get anything from his perspective, nor is he a main character. But he was so innocent, and so trusting of Mason, that you just can't help but love him. I have never dealt with anyone with autism for longer than a few hours at a time, so I do not know just how accurate everything in the book is, but it seemed pretty accurate to me. And tough, I admired Avery for taking care of Max around the clock, giving up a lot to do so, but also getting so much in return.

The two characters inevitably fall in love, and overcome a few obstacles thrown in their way to be together. I thought the ending was perfect for the book. The book moved at a great speed, it wasn't to slow, but also didn't skip around to points not relevant to the story. The characters were not something out of a fairy tale, they had faults and flaws and worked hard to overcome them. They also did not react over-dramatically (there is nothing that I hate more than people making rash obnoxious decisions based on one person's actions), mainly because the couldn't afford to, when dealing with Max.

There wasn't much sex in this book, which was fine. But what was in the book was meaningful (and hot), rather than having sex all the time, the characters did more important things. I loved that this book actually had a plot line, it was a nice change from all of the smut books I've been reading lately (although those are still good).

Overall, this author did a brilliant job pulling the readers in and making them develop a relationship with the characters. I would definitely buy this book and recommend it to my friends. I finished this book days ago and still cannot stop thinking about it. Just....wow. There are no words to adequately describe and praise this book, just read it and see for yourself. I guarantee you will fall in love. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Passionate Kisses Boxed Set

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Storm Damages by Magda Alexander
This one was my favorite by far. I loved the characters, and there was a cliffhanger to make me want more. This one was a happy book, but it wasn't all sunshine and butterflies, I enjoyed the real conflict. I liked the real-life situation of getting pregnant and dealing with the consequences.

Confessions by Wendy Ely
Honestly, I did not finish this one. Wasn't a bug fan of the plot line, and the story jumped around too much for me to attempt to follow. The characters did not seem very three dimensional to me, there were just there.

Reckless by Jessi Gage
So this book was pretty cool, I have never read a plot line like this, and I enjoyed it. The end result was pretty predictable, but the characters were solid. I liked that the male lead character stepped up and took responsibility for his actions, rather than just telling Cami, and having her forgive him in the end.

Against Her Rules by Victoria Barbour
Pretty decent book. I loved the grandmother in this book, she was a nice relief from the seriousness of all the previous books. The description for the landscape, the people and events that take place were great, it made me want to hop on a plane to take a nice vacation. I also liked the hometown feel, that Elsie included her hometown, and she didn't forget her roots.

Shameless by Rebecca J. Clark
Uhhh.......I may or may not have skipped this book. I tried, I really did, but the plot just did not interest me at all.

Good Cop by Liz Kelly
I did actually finish this one! And I loved it. I loved the banter between the characters. Between the two guy friends, who had a great bromance, and how each of them interacted with the lead female. This book was good about realistic expectations, and realistic reactions when something went wrong. There was no ridiculous over-reaction, it all made sense, the plot didn't skip around. It was straightforward and enjoyable.

Baby Stetson by Nikki Lynn Barrett
Sorry, but I'm going to give this one a nope. The plot was ok, but there were too many twists and turns for me to be okay with. All of the secrets that the male lead kept were too much, no girl would be okay with all of them, with him continuously shutting her out. And the paternity test....why on earth would she not order a copy of the results for herself. Just wasn't very believable, and was very predictable.

Awakening by Sydney Holmes
This one was really good! I liked Nora and Ryan's relationship. The book was believable, even though she had a crazy ex. I did get sick of her throughout the book always saying she was going to go back to college and get her law degree, yet never doing anything about it. But this didn't stop me from rooting for her. When she finally did do something, I was excited, and the plot moved fast enough to keep me going through the book.

Beacon of Love by Allie Boniface
This one was ok....I read a book a while ago with a similar plot, but this one was different. I was expecting a treasure of gold or something of the like at the end, but was pleasantly surprised. The author did a good job of keeping me guessing on who the attacker was in the book. Just when I thought I knew, something would happen to cause me to doubt. Overall, a good read.

The Opposite of Wild by Kylie Gilmore
This one was my second favorite. I loved the crazy antics of the grandmother in the book, countering Liz's very calm and reserved demeanor. Ryan was a great character. He cared for Liz and was a great family man. I liked that it showed "The Humiliation" from both characters' perspectives, each meaning a different thing in their lives. But still monumental to each. I liked that Ryan was the one who wanted Liz to commit, I haven't read many books where the girl is unwilling to commit, it was refreshing. I would definitely buy this one.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Slave Girl (1,001 Erotic Nights, #1): Lisa Cach

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

So, I will be the first to admit that I read lots of books, many of them of the cheesy romance/erotica genre, shamelessly. When I saw this book, it definitely appealed to me for that reason. However, I was pleasantly surprised that it had a decent plot line. I loved the idea of concubines, sexual slavery (yet everything in this book was consensual, don't worry) with a bit of mystical powers thrown in. I haven't read many books like this before, that is, this type of historical romance (it is generally all about the highlanders for some reason) but I did thoroughly enjoy it.

Nimia, a girl who was captured and put into slavery (slavery grooming her to become a concubine of course) wants nothing more than her freedom, but also crazy hot sex with her master. Her wishes are pretty conflicting, but the author definitely made it work. Nimia was a three dimensional character, changing slightly during the book, enough to keep me interested. She is not some helpless bimbo stuck forever in thinking that she needs a knight in shining armor. Her master is kind to her, teaching her lessons about how sex works and how to please a man and that she can become aroused even when she doesn't think she will (hell yes these lessons were sexy...more please). Now throw in Clovis, a man that is most definitely not Nimia's master, but someone she lusts after anyway. This created a pretty hot love triangle for Nimia (I was totally hoping for a threesome, but sadly this did not happen...) to figure out. No spoilers, but after Clovis comes into play, shit hits the fan, and Nimia is screwed (literally). She and Terix, a male sex slave she considers family, end up getting out of it (I really, really want there to be sex between the two of them in the next book) and there the book ends. A bit of a cliffhanger, leaving me wanting to read the next book.

I really did like this book. It flowed well, instead of jumping around from place to place. Questions were raised, and not answered, but kept the story intriguing. The author did a great job pulling me in, but keeping the book hot and steamy as well. Overall, this was a pretty good book, can't wait until the next one comes out.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Play Me (A1pha #1): Blue Ashcroft

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This novella sucked me in from the beginning, and, even though it was short, you still get good character development. I read this is one sitting and I enjoyed every minute of it. Except for the end, the ending made me want to throw my phone across the room because the CLIFFHANGER WAS NOT COOL! I absolutely cannot wait for the next one to come out. I hope that I am lucky enough to get a chance to read it early as well.

Alex was pretty intense, he never really shows any emotion except anger at a few parts. Not that this stopped me from liking him. He really does care about Kira, he just does not know how to show it, and after she comes back to him seeking protection, he decided to let her stay with him. He certainly lives up to his gamer handle (I've always called this a gamertag, so it slightly confused me) of A1pha, he a domineering force and a bit intimidating (in a hot way of course).

Kira was actually a good character. Escaping from her ex, she realizes that she needs to find shelter and protection. She is friends with all three boys that live in the house, but has always harbored feelings for Alex, which she has never voiced. I felt like there was a lot of miscommunication between Alex and Kira, and that Alex could be an overbearing ass. If they would have just talked it out, it would be easier, but no, this never happens in books.

The two roommates, Ethan and Ollie, were also enjoyable. They cracked me up because they both knew that Alex liked Kira, and they goaded him, and then regretted doing it, then goaded him again. They both seem to like Kira a bit as well, and I'm hopeful that this does not turn into some weird love triangle (rectangle actually I think) in the next parts. 

Overall, this book was great (except for that ending....I mean COME ON!! You are literally killing me with the anticipation). I have never read this author before, but will be reading her other books soon.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Since Forever Ago: Olivia Besse

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I'm going to be honest, this book was tough for me. The characters were frustrating, the plot line was pretty good. I got about half way through the book, and had to see if it was just me having a hard time. It was not. After reading that so many other people didn't like it, I was a bit disheartened. However, after reading what the author wanted people to get out of this book, and seeing why she wrote it the way she did, it makes a lot more sense. Going back into the book with a new perspective, it wasn't quite as bad. But it was still tough.

Riley (soon to be heart-breaker extraordinaire) was hard to understand. The author made a note that this book is supposed to be realistic, that this is what people this age act like. I do not act like this. But I have many friends who do. So, once I figured that out, it was comical, reading that she took all of the terrible advice (hilarious, terrible advice) that Max (the secretly interested loverboy) gave her.

Max was pretty easy to understand, he was effectively friend-zoned, and wants nothing more than to have Riley all for his own. The advice that he gives her is pretty funny; but his friends are what killed me. They did some things that had me actually laughing out loud. Max made some mistakes along the way, but overall, they were pretty small, and Riley overreacted (but she is a girl, and we tend to do that...a lot).

This book was well written, and once I got past wanting to slap the characters, I liked it. It was full of comedy that had me laughing awkwardly in public while staring at my phone. It had romance that was actually believable! And for each of the characters, I knew someone who acted exactly like them, which made it even more realistic for me. I will try to read this author in the future, but maybe this book was a bit too realistic for me.

Kick: Holly S. Roberts

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book is not at all what I expected. Having never read this author before, I didn't know what to expect, but it sure wasn't a book filled with both romance and comedy, all while learning about a sport. This book was one of those books that I did not put down until I was done reading!

Cami (the main character) was a journalist who was given a terrible reputation in high school, and after that, she completely changed herself, locking her "wild Cami" away. However, she comes out to play after meeting the two brothers from a rugby team with muscles galore. Cami has a weakness for a man with big muscles (although I think most of us do, especially when they are swoon-worthy in the romance department) and after making a slight mistake with one brother, the other is there to be her best "friend" while she gets back on track. 

Cami was a pretty cool character, she didn't demand all sorts of attention, nor did she act extremely dramatic and whiny. She made her mistakes, then got over them and moved on, realizing that dwelling in the past would get her nowhere. This book was HOT! (But then again, with all of the alpha-male-muscled-gods, how could it not be?....Not that I am complaining).

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book. The actions of the main character are relatable, and the secondary characters were well developed and lovable. I loved the closeness of the characters in this book, everyone took Cami under their wing to teach her about rugby, and made her feel like family; and sign me up for one hot rugby player please! I definitely will read more books by this author in the future!