Thursday, June 23, 2016

After We Fall: Marquita Valentine

This was a great addition to the series. Now, I thought it was kinda different, mainly because these weren't main characters with loose ends from the other books. They were side characters, who got their own story.

Hunter is a cop, a good one. He is nice and sweet and cares about Evangeline. He takes his time, gets to know her, and always makes sure that Evangeline feels comfortable. 

Evangeline was a phenomenally written character. She also takes her time, gets to know Hunter. I like that this isn't a book where even though the woman was abused, she still falls for the hero in two weeks. 

I also really liked the fact that there were so many animals in this book (cute dogs all over the place, and cats!). 

Evangeline works at a shelter, and slowly gets her life back in order. She regains her confidence, and owns her life.

Overall, it was a good book. I thought that it was well written, sappy and cute (predictable, yes, but still worth reading).

Here it is on Goodreads!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Catching Summer: L. P. Dover

I started this book without having read any of the rest of the series. I realized about halfway through that it actually was in a series, but that they could each be read as standalones.

I found this to be true. There were some characters and maybe some of the plot that would have been better understood if I had read the previous books, but I was able to follow along without problem.

I liked the whole of this book. I liked the characters, even though some of it was over the top dramatic, it was still well written. The heartache that Summer went through and is still experiencing during the book were awful, and sad (yes, somewhat unbelievable) but still made me feel for her.

Despite how much I liked it, it was still a bit blah, although, that may be because of all the recent books I've read. They have all been too much for me to handle, and this one seemed a bit dim in comparison. (Yes, I know I'm way, way behind on finally posting this review.)

I will most likely be going back to read the rest of the series now. I was really interested in quite a few of the characters, and am excited to read the next ones as well.

Here it is on Goodreads!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Dirty: Kylie Scott

As someone who has been a very, very big Kylie Scott fan (namely her Stage Dive series), I had high expectations for this book. And, while this was a decent book, it was no Stage Dive book. I loved the characters in Dirty, but it just wasn't what I hoped it was going to be.

Vaughan and Lydia had a rather rough start, but they were quite comical. I enjoyed watching them banter and get to know each other during the book. The side characters were also great. Vaughan's friends and family were all very likable, and lovable.

I just felt like this book was missing something. Some spark to keep me interested, some hook in the plot, there wasn't as much humor as her previous books. I just didn't feel it.

Despite the fact that I felt it wasn't her best book, it was still good. I will absolutely be reading the rest of the series, but I hope she changes things up a bit.

Here it is on Goodreads!