Sunday, August 28, 2016

Leave Me: Gayle Forman

Like almost every other Gayle Forman book I have read, this one was emotional yet incredibly moving. I came close to crying a few times.

I think I fell in love with this book because the main character was so relatable. I'm pretty sure everyone has had the fantasy of just driving away from their life one day. Well, this main character does. 

After a heart attack, Maribeth ends up leaving her kids and her husband and just.....leaves. She gets sick of cooking, of all the cleaning, of not being able to heal from a serious injury. Maribeth learns about her life while not living in it. Maribeth gets an outside perspective, she gains a friend to lean on, and she realizes what family is all about.

What amazes me in this book is Maribeth's dedication. The whole time she is gone (well, the next town over) she doesn't even talk to her husband. And she admits that it kills her not to know what is going on.

This book was so well written, it was easy to read, but it didn't hook me right from the beginning. It did take a while for the story to pick up, although once it did, I fell in love with the characters. It was hard to read at some points, because it was so honest. By the time she finally admits that she can't do it anymore, and calls her husband, I was practically crying like a baby.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Divine Ecstasy: Setta Jay

Okay, so I'm gonna be completely honest in this review.

As is obvious from the description of each of the books in this series, they are pretty much smut book. And I will totally own up to the fact that that was the only reason I started reading them.

That being said, I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. This series (if you look past all the sex) has an amazing plot. Like, seriously guys.

It starts out with this immortal race, and an elite group of them created to defend humanity against the Gods of old gone fucking crazy. They are charged with keeping the peace, making sure demons and whatnot stay in their proper place. But what happens when one of their race, a non-human, a son of a God goes crazy? Well, he wakes up an evil God, performs crazy experiments, and just generally causes destruction.

In order to continue the peace, the guardians must wake up Hades (one of three good Gods) and ask for his help. But then, he falls in love with one of the female Guardians.

That is what takes place in Divine Ecstasy. Hades falls in love and finds his mate, Sacha. They embark on their new life, with each other. In the meantime, a newly introduced alternate universe type thing comes into existence and guess what? They are also immortal warriors (yeah, I know it's a bit convoluted, just go with it) that want to take the Gods.

And now I'm kinda obsessed with figuring out what is going to happen. In this book there were a lot of answers to questions from previous books that went unanswered.

Hades and Sacha were both characters that I could get behind, I was rooting for them. They make such a great couple, and they take care of each other. I loved seeing Sacha's power grow, and merge with Hades' all-powerful ones.

At this point, most of the Guardians are mated, I think there are only two (three?) left, and I can't wait for it to happen.

Friday, August 19, 2016

It Took A Rumor: Carter Ashby

I'm sincerely surprised at how much I liked this book. I thought that it was well written, with likable characters, and an interesting plot. I haven't really read a book with this premise before, and I found I really enjoyed it.

Ivy was a fun person to read about. She and the Deathridge brothers live right next to each other in a small town, and when a rumor comes out about her sleeping with one of the brothers, she does what she has to in the end to clear her name, but she brings down each of the brothers in the process.

Each of the brothers is keeping a secret, and somehow, they each end up confiding in Ivy. However, each of these secrets she keeps means she can't set the story straight, to do so would mean betraying the brothers.

And man oh man, those brothers. All of them farmers, ripped, tanned, and glorious.

In this small farming community, rumors are spread with no shame. In fact, I do believe there was a website about it in the book that everyone in town reads. 

This book was a touch dramatic, but over all well done. I can't put too much more down without giving something away, so I will leave it for you all to read!