Sunday, September 27, 2015

Infinite: Erica Crouch

**ARC copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Erica Crouch has quickly become one of my favorite authors. Through the development of this series, she has made me laugh, and most recently, cry. This last book will make you cry. If you think I am wrong I dare you to keep a straight face.

The last installment in this series was pretty action packed. It was done in alternating viewpoints (Lilith, Az, and Pen) and I'm not sure whose was more intriguing. I mean, most of Lilith's was brutal, but some of the quotes took my breath away.

     "One way or another, all will kneel before me. I want to hear their kneecaps break as they fall at my feet in genuflection..."

I mean holy shit Lilith. Lilith was harsh, breaking the world apart so it could be hers, and hers alone. I liked the whole strong female who don't need no man vibe she gave off, but she was also insane. Like, batshit crazy. She had no fear, and nothing to lose. She was ruthless, and if you didn't do what she wanted you were dead.

And then there was Az.

     "Hell is here, and we leave no survivors."

I loved his development in this book. He was hard to like, but hard to dislike. (Without giving away any spoilers) Az's ending was hard for me to accept. I wanted a happily ever after. But I guess I'll have to settle for the happy. I liked Az'z perspective quite a bit. The author did a great job of having him slowly going insane, and we were able to watch it from several perspectives. He was up and down and just generally insane.

And we can't forget Pen! She and Michael were as great as ever, but in this book they were so much stronger. Pen stepped up and took control of New Genesis and herself. She didn't rely on everyone else to help her make decisions. She owned up to what she did, and did what she had to do. Some of it was brutal.

Her poetry was crazy amazing.

     "You contain galaxies on your shoulders
          In freckles and stars"

Pen was much more mature in this one. She grew more and more stable, more and more sure of herself as the book went on. I was in awe that she made it through some of the things she was forced to do. I wasn't happy with her and Michael's ending either. It may have been happy, and what the characters wanted but I thought they deserved better and I wanted more!

I love this series so much. I'm so excited to follow this author and read whatever else she writes. She has become such an amazing writer, even just after a few book. I know she will only get better! These are by far the best angel book I've ever read. If you haven't started this series it now! Now that I don't have any more of this series to look forward to I just don't know what to do.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maid for the Rock Star: Demelza Carlton

**ARC copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

While I did enjoy this book, it was a pretty run-of-the-mill rock star romance. That is...poor girl who thinks she has no shot meets famous and tortured rock star. They hate each other for a while and bicker with some severe underlying sexual tension. They finally hook up, rocker freaks out, then eventually realizes that he loves poor girl. Rocker and girl live happily ever after.

So, even though it was cute and enjoyable, it was meh. There weren't very many interesting twists brought in, nothing that made it stand out from all the others.


Even though the plot was simple, it was still decent. I loved the fact that the resort library had a section on romance, specifically, rock star romance. I loved the irony of Jax reading how to be a rock star romancing a girl. There was also some beautiful comedic interaction between Audra and Jax. They may have hated each other, but Audra was pretty nice to Jax when he was being an ass.

I recommend this one for those of you who are looking for a nice break after a pretty serious book, or if you are just sick of doing school work. It was a pretty short read and was really well-written. There was still some pretty serious scenes, but overall it was lighthearted and a fun read.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mackenzie Fire: Elle Casey

**Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Somehow, this one was even better than the first book. Candice cracked me up with her ways of wisdom that so well matched Ian. This book is much like the first, except Candice is even more of a city girl. Watching her romp around in the fields and trying to navigate the icy streets of a country town had me in laughing fits throughout the whole book.

I loved that Candice took so well to the country lifestyle. I mean come on she decided to raise a cow, and actually followed through. So cute. She saved Ian from a killer cat. She even bought a gun. And then there was the fun loving side of her, going to parties with Ian, playing tag with a naked Ian (yes, you heard me, there is a hot and sexy cowboy playing naked tag!), getting in snowball fights. 

This book was both more lighthearted and more serious than the last one. Ian had a lot more emotional baggage to shift through, but Candice was such a wild and crazy spirit that helped him.

I recommend this to those of you who like any rom-com movies. It was easy to visualize  every crazy thing that was going on. I thought this one was comparable to Wallbanger by Alice Clayton, it had the same laugh out loud humor with all the feels as well (yes, all of them). This author is becoming a quick favorite of mine. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Shine Not Burn: Elle Casey

**Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This author was able to combine a lovable character with quick wit, humor, and tons of romance. The introduction of both characters was perfect. Andie and Mack are instantly attracted to each other (although that could have been due in part to the vast amounts of alcohol they both had) and decide that they want to have some fun.

And then we see Andie two years later, settled into life, settled so far into her life plan that she is about to achieve the "married" step. But oh my does "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" come back to bite her in the ass. 


But that doesn't mean something good can't come of it.

When Andie finds out that she is already married (due wholly to vast amounts of alcohol) she ships out to Oregon to get a divorce, but instead gets the surprise of her life.

Mack and Andie were perfect for each other. And I was so glad when they finally started clicking. They were adorable together, also really, really hot.

As Andie learns to become a country girl and what it takes to make it as Mack's wife, the two fall deeper in love, sharing some pretty hilarious moments. My favorite being Andie learning to ride a horse. I laughed out loud at work it was so great.

I recommend you all read this one, for the humor and the romance. Plus a bonus: sexy cowboys!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

What Janie Wants: Rhenna Morgan

**ARC copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I loved this book. It was a pretty predictable romance plot, super cute, but the meaning behind this book. Holy shit. It was phenomenal. It was about loving yourself, and accepting yourself, your body, just the way it is. Which is beautiful. I just wanted to sing and dance with how well the author got this point across.

The book starts off with a woman who is going through a sort-of coming-of-age part in her life. Janie's ass of a husband divorces her, so she takes off on her sister's advice to a resort where you can walk around nude all you want. Enter the handsome devil that is Zade. A boudoir photographer who just wants to show women that no matter what they look like, they are beautiful.

He and Janie form a relationship, and there are plenty of tender moments to go along with the steamy sex that the two have, and it is well balanced. 

Both of the characters are well-written, and I liked that Janie's kids were so supportive of their mother. I also liked that Zade was not dissuaded by anything that Janie was so scared about. He was such a good guy, and Janie deserves him.

I think that this is a book that all women (who are okay with quite a but of sex scenes) should read. It was pretty heartwarming to read this type of story, I don't see them that often. Especially ones that are this well done. I hope the rest of you like it as much as I did.

**I do want to note that there is an age difference between Janie and Zade. Some people have called this a "cougar book", however, I didn't get that feeling. Janie didn't prey on him, nor does Zade only like older women. THEY JUST FELL IN LOVE PEOPLE!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Insider (Exodus End #1): Olivia Cunning

**Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

I'm just going to be completely honest. This book was complete smut, and as far as smut was decent. But as far as everything else (the characters and the way they acted, any semblance of a plot other than sex, and getting to know the band) it was not good. Not really a plot, just the usual virgin girl meeting a rock star who immediately jumps into bed with said rock star. Repeatedly.

Gah. Come on woman!

It was a twisted and odd romance series, that in my opinion was not as good as this author's Sinners on Tour series. 

I liked both Logan and Toni individually, but combined they were explosive and a bit disastrous. I liked that Toni was so strong for her family, especially her sister. Her mom was not a character that I liked or could sympathize with, and I absolutely hated her coworker. I might try the next one in the series...hopefully it is better than this one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wicked Fall: Sawyer Bennett

**ARC copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book was pretty meh for me. As much as I wanted to like it, I just couldn't.

I thought that our male lead was just annoying with his "I'm too dirty for her...I'm going to corrupt her" bullshit. Come on, you are both adults, which means YOU CAN EACH MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICES! But you know, if you like torturing yourself and causing heartache for absolutely no reason, then that's cool.

Some of the scenes in here were beyond hot. Almost too much for me at parts...just because it wasn't my kink. I've read Sawyer Bennett's novels before (one of the reasons I decided to give this one a shot is because I liked the other ones) and this is not one of her best. I love her Cold Fury series, which tones down the sex a lot compared to these books and focuses more on emotional attachment. Not just sex like this book. 

I liked that Callie decided she wanted to do what she wanted, and everyone else be damned. She was pretty great at handling everyone in the book (including her ass of an ex).

I think that I would much rather get a book from the perspective of Bridger (Woolf's friend). He seemed like a fun time. However, the excerpt at the end had me really excited for the next book...guess you'll just have to read it to find out.

I recommend this one for those of you who really enjoy a bad boy tortured by his conscience. If not, you should stay away. Also, those of you without an open mind to others' kinks stay definitely won't enjoy it.