Monday, November 9, 2015

Piercing Ecstasy: Setta Jay

**Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**


This one was just as good as the last. There is finally some action (the non-sexual kind) some action (the really sexual kind) and the plot is great. 

Ileana was interesting, and it was something other than a girl who needed saving. She kicked ass and was not afraid to get down and dirty. She had no problems taking on Jax, and was definitely strong enough to be his mate. I mean, she was all around awesome.

Jax was a typical alpha-male guardian, but was a bit more dominant than some. I enjoyed how confused he was about having found a mate. It was adorable, and sexy. Their whole banter/foreplay had me laughing half the time. They were such a spirited couple that I couldn't help but like them.

This book had some sad emotions in it as well. Mia was still in love with Jax, and watching her try to get over him was hard, and then Ileana's nightmares. I felt so bad for the childhood she had, everything she went through was heartbreaking, yet she was so strong.

And...we finally have a resolution for Vane and Brianna! And it was a happy one!!

The couples are getting harder to keep track of, simply because there are so many people now. I keep getting the ones from the first few books confused, but it is still good. Although the sex was hot (as usual) the plot with Elizabeth was more interesting than constant orgasms. And a minor side note...while I enjoy abs on a cover of a book, I don't really care for asses. But I really like where this series is going!

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