Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How We Deal With Gravity: Ginger Scott

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book was phenomenal. There were cheers and tears, and ultimately lots of feels. I have never read a book that was more inspirational, more hope-filled than this one. This book was under the romance section, but it is so much more than that. Hands down, five out of five stars. I loved reading about the relationship development between Mason and Avery and how they dealt with Max individually.

Avery is a single mom, her husband left her right after they found out their son had autism. Her dad helps her out with raising Max, as does her best friend. Avery is doing the best she can, which I thought was pretty damn good. She balances a job, a kid, and going to college. She was a wonderful character. Avery was not petty, or a helpless person. She was strong, because she had to be, and because she had been hurt in the past. Mainly by Mason.

Mason was a good guy, now, but not in his past. Mason used to be a classic asshat, womanizer, partier, drunk (you get the picture). Some of the things he did or said to Avery were terrible, and I do not know how she forgave him, but, because she is awesome, she did. Mason changed so much throughout the book. He definitely proves himself worthy of Avery and Max. Mason was an enjoyable character, I loved watching him develop and grow. He was a strong character as well, realizing that he can't always live as a child, doing whatever he wants. He wants to be a good person, someone that people will be proud of. And he accomplishes that.

I completely fell in love with Max, I know we don't get anything from his perspective, nor is he a main character. But he was so innocent, and so trusting of Mason, that you just can't help but love him. I have never dealt with anyone with autism for longer than a few hours at a time, so I do not know just how accurate everything in the book is, but it seemed pretty accurate to me. And tough, I admired Avery for taking care of Max around the clock, giving up a lot to do so, but also getting so much in return.

The two characters inevitably fall in love, and overcome a few obstacles thrown in their way to be together. I thought the ending was perfect for the book. The book moved at a great speed, it wasn't to slow, but also didn't skip around to points not relevant to the story. The characters were not something out of a fairy tale, they had faults and flaws and worked hard to overcome them. They also did not react over-dramatically (there is nothing that I hate more than people making rash obnoxious decisions based on one person's actions), mainly because the couldn't afford to, when dealing with Max.

There wasn't much sex in this book, which was fine. But what was in the book was meaningful (and hot), rather than having sex all the time, the characters did more important things. I loved that this book actually had a plot line, it was a nice change from all of the smut books I've been reading lately (although those are still good).

Overall, this author did a brilliant job pulling the readers in and making them develop a relationship with the characters. I would definitely buy this book and recommend it to my friends. I finished this book days ago and still cannot stop thinking about it. Just....wow. There are no words to adequately describe and praise this book, just read it and see for yourself. I guarantee you will fall in love. 

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