Friday, July 25, 2014

Passionate Kisses Boxed Set

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Storm Damages by Magda Alexander
This one was my favorite by far. I loved the characters, and there was a cliffhanger to make me want more. This one was a happy book, but it wasn't all sunshine and butterflies, I enjoyed the real conflict. I liked the real-life situation of getting pregnant and dealing with the consequences.

Confessions by Wendy Ely
Honestly, I did not finish this one. Wasn't a bug fan of the plot line, and the story jumped around too much for me to attempt to follow. The characters did not seem very three dimensional to me, there were just there.

Reckless by Jessi Gage
So this book was pretty cool, I have never read a plot line like this, and I enjoyed it. The end result was pretty predictable, but the characters were solid. I liked that the male lead character stepped up and took responsibility for his actions, rather than just telling Cami, and having her forgive him in the end.

Against Her Rules by Victoria Barbour
Pretty decent book. I loved the grandmother in this book, she was a nice relief from the seriousness of all the previous books. The description for the landscape, the people and events that take place were great, it made me want to hop on a plane to take a nice vacation. I also liked the hometown feel, that Elsie included her hometown, and she didn't forget her roots.

Shameless by Rebecca J. Clark
Uhhh.......I may or may not have skipped this book. I tried, I really did, but the plot just did not interest me at all.

Good Cop by Liz Kelly
I did actually finish this one! And I loved it. I loved the banter between the characters. Between the two guy friends, who had a great bromance, and how each of them interacted with the lead female. This book was good about realistic expectations, and realistic reactions when something went wrong. There was no ridiculous over-reaction, it all made sense, the plot didn't skip around. It was straightforward and enjoyable.

Baby Stetson by Nikki Lynn Barrett
Sorry, but I'm going to give this one a nope. The plot was ok, but there were too many twists and turns for me to be okay with. All of the secrets that the male lead kept were too much, no girl would be okay with all of them, with him continuously shutting her out. And the paternity test....why on earth would she not order a copy of the results for herself. Just wasn't very believable, and was very predictable.

Awakening by Sydney Holmes
This one was really good! I liked Nora and Ryan's relationship. The book was believable, even though she had a crazy ex. I did get sick of her throughout the book always saying she was going to go back to college and get her law degree, yet never doing anything about it. But this didn't stop me from rooting for her. When she finally did do something, I was excited, and the plot moved fast enough to keep me going through the book.

Beacon of Love by Allie Boniface
This one was ok....I read a book a while ago with a similar plot, but this one was different. I was expecting a treasure of gold or something of the like at the end, but was pleasantly surprised. The author did a good job of keeping me guessing on who the attacker was in the book. Just when I thought I knew, something would happen to cause me to doubt. Overall, a good read.

The Opposite of Wild by Kylie Gilmore
This one was my second favorite. I loved the crazy antics of the grandmother in the book, countering Liz's very calm and reserved demeanor. Ryan was a great character. He cared for Liz and was a great family man. I liked that it showed "The Humiliation" from both characters' perspectives, each meaning a different thing in their lives. But still monumental to each. I liked that Ryan was the one who wanted Liz to commit, I haven't read many books where the girl is unwilling to commit, it was refreshing. I would definitely buy this one.

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