Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wrecked: Priscilla West

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

What. Wait...what?

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This book, it started off so good, so good. And then, it just.....lost momentum..

The blurb was pretty straightforward. I really expected this book to be a lot like Beautiful Disaster, and it was, there were quite a few similarities, but this book was much more well written.

Lorrie was a character that I am sure we have all met before, especially in books. She is all alone in life, with only a few family members left that care about her. Her mother was murdered, he father killed himself, and she falls in love with a bad guy.

Hunter is a fighter, illegal of course (would we want it any other way?), and he has issues. I feel as though he should have told Lorrie what was wrong with him from the beginning, but that makes for a very boring plot. Hunter's ex got on my nerves at first, but I ended up liking her a bit by the end.

The sexual tension in this book was too much. Then when they finally did get together, it lasted forever, I mean, really? Space it out a bit, I don't know how that poor girl walked afterward. But oh well.

The main problems I had for this book were that BOTH of the lead characters were weak. I understand that was the point, that they needed each other to make the other stronger. But I didn't view this as a healthy relationship. I loved the kittens. So cute! The author did a good job of putting them into the book, they made me smile when I was ready to give up on this book.

I will probably read the next one, simply because of how the first one ended. I hope Hunter mans up and does something about the situation he got himself into.

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