Thursday, March 26, 2015

Persuading Him: Michelle Dare

**Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

So I must be in a book slump lately, normally something like this would have me much more excited than I am. That being said, I did have a few problems with book in general.

One: It just seemed to drag on, no real hook so suck me in.

It just went on and on until the very last page, where I was hooked. 

Two: Kasi. She was great, but she was a bit too stuck up for me. She didn't really act like she gave a shit about anyone else except for her. Not that I blame her. With the crazy paparazzi stalking her I am glad she was wary of trusting people.

There were several things I did like about the book though.

One: Radek. I really liked him, even though he has made some questionable decisions in his life.

Two: Kasi's father. He seemed like a good dad, or at least, he tried to raise Kasi right. He never judged Radek for what happened, and did whatever made him happy.

The writing was great, the author did a good job with the characters. Watching the relationship develop between Radek and Kasi. Radek was such a good guy, he kept trying to protect her from his past mistakes so that she wouldn't get a bad reputation. I enjoyed getting a background (even though it was small) from Radek, and I wish we could have gotten a better one for Kasi.

Hopefully we get more in the next one. Speaking of the next part in the series. That ending. It has me so curious as to what Radek's old flame wants!? I need to KNOW!

Again, I must be in a book slump because that is all I have to write for this one. I recommend it to people who love a good flirty, racy romance.

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