Thursday, September 11, 2014

Outside The Lines: Bella Love

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

While this book was good, it was a bit confusing, and seemed a wee bit boring after a while. I felt as though I was thrown in to the story, and hit the ground running. There was not a whole lot of buildup, it had already started, and I was left to catch up. Juliette Jauntie is a hard-working coffee addict. She seems to never sleep, has no personal life, but is seriously hot for Johnny Danger, her competition. Johnny is an all around sexy guy.

Everyone else seemed to really like this book, but it just didn't do it for me. The sex was pretty hot, the plotline was interesting, and yet, I just didn't like it. The characters' background isn't explained until fairly late in the book, which was frustrating, because I had no idea why they cared so much about the problem they come up against. 

Juliette was kinda funny, I loved the scenes where she tried to go skiing, trying to be brave and adventurous. She was a pretty great character. I liked that she was portrayed as a strong woman, I don't think we see that enough anymore. She wasn't afraid to get down and dirty, and she was willing to put in the hours to be the best at what she does. By the end of the book, this pays off. She is able to get the man but still be independent.

Johnny was just too much of a cliche for me. He was all angst and broody and macho "I am man, you are woman, we will have sexytime" and it was too much for me. But then again, I found out that the thought of being an accountant or lawyer seems incredibly boring, and this book was all about them. For having the last name Danger, I think the most dangerous thing about him was the fact that he could cause spontaneous combustion while being in bed with him (but, wait....when has that ever been a bad thing?).

Overall, the book was decent, I liked the originality of the plotline, can't say I'd ever encountered it before. I also liked Juliette as a character, I recommend this one for those of you who have time so sit down and read an actual intelligent romance book.

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