Sunday, September 21, 2014

Without You Here: Carter Ashby

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book was an emotional roller coaster...but in a good way. I was shocked, then angry, then sad, and then I just sat there in stunned silence. So basically:

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Let me start off by saying: HOLY BALLS BATMAN! Talk about the mother of all plot twists. I mean, I saw it coming after a little while, I don't even remember what gave it away. But it made for a great storyline. Shortly after this we get the first bout emotional turbulence. Followed by a bit of romance and heartache, and we have landed.

We are brought in after Ettie has broken up with her on/off boyfriend Blake for the millionth time, but this time, she goes out to drown her self in alcohol. She meets a stunning man (Wyatt) and they take off for a weekend of fun. After that weekend wraps up, they have to face the real world. For Ettie, that means going back to her apartment and dealing with Blake. For Wyatt, that means going back home to his empty house and his wife's grave with a bottle of alcohol. After Ettie and Wyatt realize that they both know Blake in different ways, tension starts and hearts break.

I know the story followed Ettie, but the entire time, I felt like we didn't connect with her on the same level that we did with Wyatt. Wyatt was a phenomenal character, he felt so real, and my heart ached for him. I loved the dynamic between Wyatt and Ettie. She was a spark of hope and happiness that reminded him of what his life used to be. For me, Wyatt was the main character of the story, going through life in pain, trying to find a way out.

Everyone in Wyatt's life cared about him. He had such a loving family, and Ettie tried as hard as she could to let them be. Ettie's mom kept her locked up in the house when she was a kid, so she never saw much of the world or anything in it. I loved her curiosity and awe at everything she encountered. Which brings us to Blake. I didn't like him. He had a certain way of living life, and wanted Ettie to be a type of person she wasn't. The way he dealt with that was pretty uncool. He talked down to her more than once, belittled her, and made fun of her. This done in private would have aggravated me, but he did this in front of his family, and, especially, his father. I kept hoping that his father would slap him, but no. After Ettie admits what happened when she broke up with him then ran off, he get really upset and tries to push her back into a relationship. After telling him 400 times that they are only friends now, he still barely gets the message. Then he goes and kisses her best friend! these days.

Again, Wyatt was my favorite character. I liked the journey he went through, I think it was pretty realistic as to what happens when someone you love dies. He was a strong character, who grew stronger by the end of the book. I'm glad everything worked out in the end. I really enjoyed this book, and look forward to reading more of the author in the future.

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