Sunday, September 28, 2014

Play Date: Kate Donovan

**ARC provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Dear Sean Decker;

You. Suck.

I mean come on, seriously dude? I really liked this book, and even though Sean was only a side character, he was too wishy-washy and annoying for me.

Overall I really enjoyed the book, but I did have a few problems. The whole triple threat thing was pretty cool, it was neat to see such close friends, but I just got this vibe that we were supposed to love them because the were rich and famous. Now, I didn't realize that this book was part of a series, so I will definitely be going back and reading the others. 

I tip my hat to Rachel, she was able to forgive Sean pretty easily and still be friends with him. I loved her classroom and how much she loved her kids. I also loved Bam, everyone thought he was too brash or too much of a caveman, but he totally had my type of humor. Bam was a delight to read about. I liked how he took care of Rachel and got to know the kids she taught. That interaction made him even yummier.

The romance was pretty typical, boy and girl and friends with benefits "only" but then become boyfriend and girlfriend. Boy makes stupid mistake and girl overreacts to something, then they get together. But I still liked it. I was a cute romance read with Bam being all big and strong.

I'm going to have to read the Spurlings' story, because I wasn't a huge fan of Johnny in this book. He seemed to like power and control a bit too much. I mean, Sean and Bam couldn't say mean things to him, just because of his role? But whatever, I recommend to sports fans who want a bit of action with their romance!

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