Sunday, February 8, 2015

Incite: Erica Crouch

**ARC Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

AZAEL!! How could you!? I thought it was bad in the first one, but the things he does, the things he thinks in this one were so much worse. I had a small shred of hope at the beginning of this book for him. But now....

After what he did I just want to scream at him. 

I LOVED the dual POV with Azael and Pen. It was fascinating getting into their minds to see how they saw different situations. What each of them was doing at the same point in time.

Michael played somewhat of a lesser role in this book. He was there, and helping Pen, but I saw this book as a growing exercise for both Pen and Az, the both of them learning how to stand on their own two feet, learning to live without each other.

This book hurt some of my feels. Az just spiraled further into madness, and Michael started to as well. Now that Michael remembers everything, he is depressed, and getting sick. I feel so bad for him. I love his character and I really hope nothing happens to him.

The introduction of the new characters was fabulous. I guess I never really thought that Michael and Pen would become such big faces in the angel/demon community. But it was interesting. Some of the side characters are ones that Pen and Michael know from before, and watching them interact was fun.

One of my favorite things about this book was the author's creativity. She has crafted a world that is bound to suck everyone in. She takes some of the biggest mythological people, people from history and people from fairytales, and makes them angels and demons, blending right in with everyone. The lyrical quality of the previous books are continued, and with such descriptiveness that it feels like I am there, that I can see it.

The ending of this book is killer, it will keep you wanting more...I already want the next one to be out!

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