Friday, February 20, 2015

Unconditional (Always #1): Cherie M Hudson

**ARC Copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

This book was like nothing that I have read before. Our lead female, Maci, has Parkinson's Disease. She has decided to start living her life and doing the things she wants. Which means studying abroad in Australia with a surprising amount of Chris Hemsworth look-alikes...? I loved that she was unafraid to deal with what she has, instead of not taking care of herself...although she does start to do that a bit during the book.

The first person narration was very personable and chatty, and took some getting used to. It started off a bit rough, but redeemed itself along the way. I wasn't impressed with the way Maci handled telling people about her PD, but was glad that someone (The Biceps) liked her enough to take care of her.

Raph was a bit of a douche. He took little care for Maci's feelings, but eventually realized what he needed to do, and manned up and did it. 

After those two got their shit sorted, the book could have done without all of the new drama that the author brings in. I felt as though I could have done without the Princess trying to butt into Raph and Maci's relationship. And really Maci, leaving the country for no reason without telling anyone you left or where you were going!?

GAH! Stop being so immature!

But hey, it works out.

To me, this story was heartbreaking, because everyone knows how the story will end. Including Maci. But it was realistic. I love Raph for saying he will stick around, but I want another book about them, further down the road.

The side characters in the book were pretty cool, I got a bit annoyed with Maci's girl friend after a while...but The Biceps never failed to cheer me up! Excited to read his story!

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