Friday, August 19, 2016

It Took A Rumor: Carter Ashby

I'm sincerely surprised at how much I liked this book. I thought that it was well written, with likable characters, and an interesting plot. I haven't really read a book with this premise before, and I found I really enjoyed it.

Ivy was a fun person to read about. She and the Deathridge brothers live right next to each other in a small town, and when a rumor comes out about her sleeping with one of the brothers, she does what she has to in the end to clear her name, but she brings down each of the brothers in the process.

Each of the brothers is keeping a secret, and somehow, they each end up confiding in Ivy. However, each of these secrets she keeps means she can't set the story straight, to do so would mean betraying the brothers.

And man oh man, those brothers. All of them farmers, ripped, tanned, and glorious.

In this small farming community, rumors are spread with no shame. In fact, I do believe there was a website about it in the book that everyone in town reads. 

This book was a touch dramatic, but over all well done. I can't put too much more down without giving something away, so I will leave it for you all to read!

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