Monday, December 15, 2014

Dark Lover (BDB #1): J. R. Ward

After seeing this series pop up on my feed what seems to be over a hundred times, I decided to hop on the bandwagon and see what they were all about. So obviously, we've got our classic case of sexy alpha-male vampires. We've also got humans that fall in love with them, humans that turn into vampires, and evil things that the good-at-heart vamps must destroy.

And let me tell was awesome.

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Our female lead is Beth, daughter of a vampire, but she doesn't know it. When Wrath (our male lead who owes a friend a favor) shows up all stalker-like one night and scares the shit out of Beth, he decides to take a different approach (that is still pretty stalker-like). He pretty much just does the same thing, but does a special something to relax Beth a bit more. After a while they become a type of friends, and then they were all over each other.

The other members of the Black Dagger Brotherhood didn't seem to accept her for a while (which made me frustrated because Beth is awesome), but eventually came to see that she was a strong vampire and would stand up to Wrath when necessary. And I have to mention the names in this book. Wrath, Zsadist, Vishous, Phury, and others like is weird, it has never stopped being weird, and I feel as though there were better names to select even if they were "vampire warrior names". Sorry, but not completely ok with it.

As everyone can foresee without reading the book, the two fall in love, Beth becomes a vamp, and there is hot, hot sex. Of the I-want-some variety.

But back to the the Black Dagger Brotherhood members protect the entire race of vampires (which, for some unexplained reason...are all in America?). And Wrath is their leader. He is a pretty cool vamp from what I can tell. He had a backstory, had feelings (not that alpha-males ever show them though), and wanted more than just sex. Shocking! I know.

I think this is why I got so into the series, is because there is an actual plotline. It is not just sex all the time, but there is still a lot. The author has created a world riddled with tradition, characters, and a new language that we need to learn. The author never contradicted herself with the traditions, with the language, or with characters' habits. And that made the book jump from great to phenomenal.

There were many characters that were introduced in this first book, which made it a bit confusing, but that happens with any series. I'm not normally a fan of alternating view points, but this author incorporated it seamlessly into the book. The book was fairly long, but I never lost interest, it picked up from the first chapter and kept me hooked the whole time.

If you don't mind the whole super sexed out paranormal romance side of books, then I recommend this one. It was much better than I anticipated, and the ending was perfect. My only complaint is that I didn't start sooner!

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