Friday, December 12, 2014

The Sinister Urge: Frances Newton

**I was contacted by the author and asked to read this book and give an honest review**

DNF at 85%

This book just did not do it for me. I have read one other book about the topic (incest) by Tabitha Suzuma, and unfortunately, it was so well done that I am biased now on other books of the same topic.

That being said, I tip my hat to the author for taking on the subject and successfully writing a book that others have enjoyed. For some reason, I didn't like the way that the flashbacks were written. They jumped around from person to person, so it was confusing to see whose past we were looking at and from what point of view. The book did do this a bit while in the present too. I would be reading along one perspective, then suddenly read from another perspective from someone that hadn't really been properly introduced to the story.

The characters themselves were quite likable, if a bit whiny. I felt bad for the brother in the relationship, he loved his sister, and I get the feeling she didn't truly love him back.

As for the older brother. I am so confused. He acted as though it was both a big deal, not a big deal, and almost as if it was ok that his siblings were having sex! No! No, no no....not ok.


Overall the book could be a bit better written, although I have read worse, this was a good go for a first-time author. I do need to mention the word whilst. That word was used a huge amount in the book, and it didn't help anything. People were always doing things whilst other people were doing other things. It cut up a lot of the flow of the book because of the way it was used.

I gave it two stars in hopes that the ending became better than the rest of the book, but maybe I'll try and finish it at some point. I see there is a sequel coming at some point, so I think I will wait for the preview to come out and see if I will go for it.

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