Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lover Awakened (BDB #3): J. R. Ward

If I had to summarize this book in one sentence, it would be:

To me, this was the best book in the series even after reading all 12 of them. I know that Zsadist is the typical tortured bad-boy hero, but I just loved him! He was easy to like, and went through actual shit. It was fun to watch him change over the course of a few novels and become more of a person. He cared for Bella, and he had a hard time showing it, but eventually allowed himself to feel, and duh! True love overcame all.

And as for Bella, I liked her. She went through shit with a crazy dick too, and came other the other side messed up. Z was the only one who truly got to her, and was able to help her through her needing. Bella's needing was extremely hot. Literally, Bella's vagina basically set itself on fire in order to get pregnant, subsequently letting every male in the close vicinity know that she wanted two or three non-stop days of hot sex.

After that happened, the book just got better and better. The tension and love triangle in the book were a bit frustrating, but overall, it was definitely worth the read.

We get a bit more character development for other characters in the series, which turned out to be a nice break at times from the love frustration. I am personally hoping for another book about this couple just because they are my favorite. I liked their passion, and love for each other. I liked that Z made sure he knew what he wanted before doing anything, and was there for Bella even though she didn't know.

I would recommend this one to any romance novel junkie out there, I highly anticipate that you will like it.

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