Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Truly, Madly, Deadly: Hannah Jayne

That synopsis though...

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SO creepy!

The book itself was decent, I had my suspect and it turned out I was right, but the author did a good job of making me question myself. I liked the twists and turns of never knowing who was going to turn up dead next, even though you can almost predict it.

However, I felt as though there wasn't a lot of backstory for most of the book. Things just seemed to happen randomly, but the main character acted as if she had a history with everyone. Unfortunately, the reader doesn't get any idea of this history.

I enjoyed the romance, it wasn't too overdone, and it was very much a typical high school relationship, with a bit of maturity. Sawyer and Cooper were cute together....but he just showed up out of nowhere, a new guy in the school, and his introduction to the story was a tad awkward. Sawyer was a little dramatic when dealing with her dad's new relationship, but at the same time, it was a realistic reaction from a high schooler.

Chloe, Sawyer's best friend was interesting, she seemed to have more drama than Sawyer, and that is saying something. I didn't care for her too much. She drug Sawyer everywhere with her, but was still always there for Sawyer. Logan, who has a locker below Sawyer, was adorable. He was a guy with a crush that would never amount to anything, but still kept on trying. I really did like him, and I wish we would have been given more information about the relationship between Sawyer and Logan.

Overall, a good book, but I am glad I was able to get it through my library, not exactly something I would have paid for.

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