Monday, January 12, 2015

Trust (Finding Anna, #4): Sherri Hayes

As the series came to a close, I was happy that the author wrapped it up, but as these books are pretty short, I felt that more could have been done. One of the things I would like to know more about was what happened to Anna, I loved getting in her head and knowing just why she reacted the way she did to certain things, it made me all the more proud of her.

We did get into Cal's head for one chapter in this book, and after learning why he disliked Stephan so much, I want to know more. As with all the characters in the series, I want to know about Cal and Jade's relationship, along with Lily and Logan's. But that isn't what this series was about. Plus, if I got into Lily and Logan's heads, while they were just starting out, I think I would want to murder Stephan if I heard about him going anywhere near another girl...but oh well. I will just learn to be happy with what I have.

This series started off so, so well, and I just wasn't happy with what happened to Ian, how Anna and Stephan ended up together, and Stephan's job situation.

Overall, it was definitely worth the read, and I sincerely applaud the author for writing such a fantastic series. It was a great ride, although highly emotional most of the time.

Anna was brilliant to be able to overcome everything she went through, and I respected the shit out of her for standing up and taking back control of her life, especially in this book.

If you are on the fence about any of these books, let me guide you right off and into the pages of an unforgettable series.

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