Monday, January 12, 2015

Secret Surrender: Priscilla West

**ARC copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Well, I'm glad I had this book downloaded and ready to read, but I am beginning to lose hope that this series will be as good as I hoped. I know that this author can write an amazing book, but this sequel didn't impress me. 

Kristen was whiny and acted like a petulant child most of the time. She complained about Vincent withholding things from her and that she felt invisible or such things the whole time. I was proud of her for dealing with the Ariel fiasco by confronting Vincent head-on and right away, instead of just ignoring it until it couldn't wait any longer, but honey, you held a lot of shit back from Vincent, much more important things than the situation with Ariel.

Although their relationship was kept pretty quiet in this book, and they grew as a couple, I wasn't happy with it. I liked in the first book that Kristen put her career first, but to me it seemed to fall by the wayside in this book, partly due to her stalker, but also because she just didn't give a shit anymore. Sure she still went and met with her boss, and helped him out with some projects, and was professional with Vincent when she needed to be, but it just didn't feel right.

Vincent was great in this book. When Kristen freaked out on him, he told her the truth, and all she had to do was ask...what a thought. I liked the way he stepped up to the plate with Kristen when he needed to, and tried to do everything he could to help her when she needed it...


I loved that Vincent was able to take her into his private life, trusting her to see a more vulnerable side of him...whether or not Kristen actually appreciated that was questionable.

Overall this book just left me a bit...

I'm hoping that the last book takes a turn to get us back on course.

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